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Sep 23th, 2021

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WizTree Portable is a useful app that scans your hard drive to find out which files are taking up the most space. This is a portable app that doesn’t require any installation and has the same features as the standard version of WizTree.

The goal of this app is to find large folders and files. However, what really stands out about WizTree is how it shows us these—it uses map-like visuals with different colors and shapes that represent how much space files take up on your hard drive.

WizTree Portable’s quick launch is ideal if you want access to all of this information as soon as possible. Besides organizing files according to their size, this app also stands out since it allows you to locate files fast with its useful file name search process.

You can store the information found by WizTree on your computer in different ways: by exporting the file as usual or via a CSV file that separates each value individually. The latter option lets you export single lines if that’s what you need to do.

Scan your hard drive in record time with WizTree Portable, and get rid of the large files that you no longer need. Compatible with all types of systems (NTFS, FAT, FAT32...). All of this without even having to install anything on your computer.
Reviewed by Nelson de Benito Translated by Ashley

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Antibody Software
Sep 23th, 2021
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4.02 Sep 20th, 2021
4.00 Jun 11th, 2021
3.41 May 6th, 2021
3.37 Mar 4th, 2021
3.35 Sep 1st, 2020
3.32 Jan 28th, 2020
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